3 Steps To Make An Ex Want You Back

Published: 13th May 2009
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To make an ex want you back, you've got to be willing to go the extra mile. Fortunately, if you've been dumped against your will, motivation in this regard is probably not going to be a problem for you.

Break ups are never fun, and if you're the one who was dumped, the split can be intensely painful. For the next few weeks, everything you see and do will likely remind you of your ex--a song played on the radio, a poster for a movie you saw together, the CD he gave you sitting on top of your TV. Seeing these things can cause you to feel really depressed! The more you're reminded of your ex, the more you're going to want him back.

The good news is, you're not alone in these feelings. Millions of other women throughout history have gone through the same thing, and many of them are going through it right now. But, there's even better news. That news is this - you CAN make an ex want you back! Even if he's the one who dumped you, things don't have to be over between you for good. You can get him back if you want him. Here's what to do.

1.' Accept that your relationship has ended. This may seem counter-intuitive if you're hoping for a reconciliation. However, accepting the end of the old relationship is essential to starting a new one with your ex. Your old relationship is a thing of the past, and you have to let it go.

It was a relationship built on unsteady ground, which is why you broke up. You must give up the idea of patching up the old relationship. Instead, you need to look toward building a new relationship with your ex, from scratch.

2.' Make him want you. Guys like to think that the door back to you is always open, even if they're the ones who initiated the break up. This feeling stokes their egos. Your ex wants to be able to tell his friends that you're still hung up on him and would take him back if he asked you.

Don't give him this opportunity! Instead, make him think that you've moved on. Don't contact him at all for a while. He'll wonder what you're doing. This is good, because you'll be on his mind. Once you're on his mind, he can start to want you again.

3. Have fun. After purposefully keeping yourself out of his range for a few weeks, you'll probably inevitably run into each other. Every time this happens, make sure you're having lots of fun. Laugh, smile, flirt, dance, sing karaoke, whatever you can think of to do with other people in his presence. This will make him sure you've moved on, and it will drive him crazy.

He'll begin to wonder if he made a mistake in breaking up with you. If you were sad and mopey about it, he'd feel a lot better, because then he could tell himself breaking up was the right thing to do. If you seem like you're a lot happier without him, he'll start to wonder why he wasn't good enough for you to miss.

By doing these three things, you'll make your ex VERY insecure. Eventually, his insecurity will prompt him to approach you to talk about things. This is your chance to open the door to him a little, but don't go too quickly. If you want to make an ex want you back, you've got to move slowly, be reluctant, and make him feel like he's pursuing you all over again. Then, you can gradually build a new relationship that's rock-solid.

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