How To Get Your Ex Girlfriend Back - 5 Sure-Fire Ways To Get Her Back

Published: 24th April 2009
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Breaking up with the girl you love is probably the hardest thing your manhood has to deal with. It's more than just ego. When a man loves, he loves a lot. There's no apprehension, no second-guesses, and no doubt. When he says he loves you, then he does-with all his heart. That is why break ups are terrible. And because men love unconditionally (almost), calling it quits is simply just another hurdle in the relationship that needs to be overcome. There is no defeat. This is why most men try to get their ex girlfriend back as soon as they parted ways.

If you are looking for ways to win your ex girlfriend back without much of a struggle, you better have a pen and paper ready because I'll show you the 5 sure-fire ways to get your ex girlfriend back.

1. Never separate on bad terms.

Okay, this is something that you have to do before you call it quits but it definitely determines your chances of getting back together. The chances of you winning back your love fast are high if you are still on good terms after your break up. Regardless of the reason for the break up, as long as both of you have mutually agreed to go on separate ways in a nice manner, the door for reconciliation will always stay open

2. Give her a day or two of complete healing before taking action.

If there's one thing you have to avoid, it's making her feel like you are desperate to get back together. Remember, desperation will get you nowhere. If you really can't live for a single day without her, control your feelings at least for a couple of days. Let her cry. Let her lock and isolate herself in her room and nurse the pain.

Don't text or call her. Never ever come to her doorstep a day after the break up. The more time she gets to spend thinking about what happened to your relationship, the more chance she has to assess her feelings for you.

This is the time when she would think about what both of you could have done differently to make things work. This will make her realize how she wants to give it another shot if the opportunity arises.

About the third day, after she has thought things over, she is in that zone where getting back together is all she wants. You won't even have a hard time wooing her back because she is already contemplating the thought and is just waiting for you to pop the question.

3. Give Off A Confident Aura.

A confident man is very appealing to women. You might notice how girls giggle and blush over a guy with a confident walk. If you want to become more appealing to your ex girlfriend, be confident. Walk, dress, and act like a rock star. If you chance upon her, smile and acknowledge her. Make sure that she will sense that you do not need her. This will make her worried about you hitting it off with another girl so she will want you back instantly.

4. Act friendly but be distant.

Show her you're cool. That everything else is okay. When you see her, be friendly, but not too much. Remember the previous tip, you have to act confident. Give her the "I don't need you" air. Give her space. Don't be constantly at her side, like a dog trailing his master. Do not completely ignore her because that may push her away. Act cool. She'll notice it and get impressed by the way you 'confidently handle' yourself.

5. Show her the side of you she fell in love with.

Yes, people change. What she's seen good in you may have changed overtime and it's something she didn't like. It wouldn't hurt to show her that you're still that person and that deep inside, that person still exists.

You must not give up on love. It's easy to get your ex girlfriend back as long as you follow the things mentioned above. Be smart in how you try to get her back.

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