How To Make Your Ex Boyfriend Come Back - 3 Tips You Can't Leave Without

Published: 20th May 2009
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When you're trying to figure out how to make your ex boyfriend come back, it can feel as though life is passing you by.' While your ex moves on and starts dating, you can't help but want him back.' And the good news is that even the most romance challenged girl can send her ex running back into her arms.

You just need to remember one thing: Distance is key.

Playing hard to get

Studies over the years have shown that playing hard to get is effective in helping win back past loves.' And the same holds true for your ex boyfriend.

If you're pondering how to make your ex boyfriend come back, you may need a little help.

If playing hard to get isn't exactly you're forte, you need to learn a few basics about the way men operate.

Acting aloof

When a man is interested in a woman, he watches her every move.' Use this to your advantage.' Instead of throwing yourself back into his life, give him some space.' Not only will this give him a chance to miss you, but it will also force him to think more seriously about welcoming you back into his life.

If you see him, don't act incredibly interested in what he's doing.' Focus on yourself, and try to look happy.' Even if you're not, giving him the impression that you're enjoying life will make him want you back.

If you see him out of the corner of one eye, don't immediately jump to say hi.' Look up briefly to smile, then focus back on whatever you were doing.

Be seen with other people.' One way to make your ex boyfriend come back is to show him you're enjoying life.' Get together with a group of friends, and hang out in the places your ex goes.

Go out with friends

As time wears on, his curiosity will build, and he may be tempted to talk to you.' He may even try to make a move, especially if he sees you with other men.

Once he knows you're out enjoying life, he will begin to think more about you when he's alone.' And he will want you even more.' Follow these simple steps on how to make your ex boyfriend come back, and you are well on your way to calling him yours.

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