Make An Ex Boyfriend Want You Back - Surefire Ways To Get His Love & Affection Back

Published: 20th May 2009
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In the world of dating, it's sometimes hard to figure out exactly what you want.' It's human nature.' And often, after ending a relationship with a boyfriend, you realize that it may not have been the best decision.' You miss him.' You want him back.

So how do you go about bringing back your ex boyfriend without making him think you're desperate?' This answer is quite simple, actually.' All it takes is a little knowhow.' What do men want?' What qualities do they value?

There are a number of qualities men look for.' If you can bring out these qualities in yourself, you are well on your way to bringing him back to your arms.

These qualities include:




On Confidence

Men are attracted to strong women.' If you can stand on your own two feet, don't be afraid to show it.' Ex boyfriends, especially if they still have feelings for you, will pay attention to what you are doing.' If he is still attracted to you, acting confident about life around him will make him wonder what his life would be like, if you were a part of it again.' If you see your ex boyfriend on a regular basis, be sure to keep busy.' Show him that you're happy in your life.


Show him that you can think for yourself.' A lot of men complain that women become too clingy when they want a man back.' Give a chance to miss you.' Show him that you have grown since you broke up, and don't be afraid to share what you have learned.' If you took a class, tell him what you loved about it.' Show him you've grown and have even more to offer him.' And above all, smile.' It makes you look attractive.


While making yourself available to an ex boyfriend may seem like a good way to show you're interest, it is a surefire way to send him packing.' Keep a distance, showing him that you have a great life.

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