Make An Ex Want You Back - How To Make Your Ex Miss You Now

Published: 15th May 2009
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You probably already know that to make an ex want you back it is necessary to give them their space. What this accomplishes is that your ex begins to miss you and may just miss you enough to come back. However, giving your ex their space is not the only way to make them miss you.

How To Make Your Ex Miss You

Here's what you can do to make your ex think fondly of you and want to be together with you again:

If you and your ex are still in contact and meet each other occasionally, you should try and make him/her remember past experiences that the two of you shared. Experiences that made you laugh and also those that perhaps made you cry or be embarrassed together are what I'm referring to. Thinking back to those times will bring your ex closer to you.

Ask to meet your ex at a favorite restaurant where the two of you may have spent many happy moments together. Send your ex a CD of your favorite songs - the song you had your first dance on, the song where you first kissed, any song that both of you think of as 'your' song. All these things will make your ex go back to happier times which he/she may want to bring back by getting back with you.

Never talk about past experiences like you regret those times are gone or that you wish they were back. That will amount to pressuring your ex. What you have to do is talk about fond memories in such a manner so as to show your ex that they were some of the most cherished moments of your life. When you can look back happily at how things were while still accepting that they are different now, it is then that your ex will think back happily too and start to miss being with you.

Thus, the whole idea is to make an ex want you back by reminiscing and being nostalgic. However, you have to be careful when you choose to be nostalgic and make sure you wait for the right moment. Simply asking your ex to reminisce with you won't work. It has to be done naturally and only then will you make an ex want you back.

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